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I'm 24, happily married to a wonderful husband. Going back to school or starting my own business from home. Interested in learning more about pagan beliefs and finding my own path. Struggling with ptsd and past trauma, horrible self esteem and anxiety. My husband also has seizures, fibro and chrons disease along with mental health issues. Being in a very tiny town with hardcore country Christians and being in the dead center of a very (unfortunately) popular Meth town makes it hard to get to know or trust many people. I want to be able to learn (my husband as well) wants to get back to pagan practices. We believe in the spiritual, emotional and physcial healing it brings. Eventually we would also like to start a family and homeschool (i was). I was unaware there are homeschooling groups for pagans! Thats really exciting for the near future. I'm a well known color specialist for doing dread extensions, every color in the rainbow for coloring hair, trained makeup artist. I enjoy my piercings and tattoos and the whole alternative community as well. Looking to make connections and learn from others! :)

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