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I'm Justin {NEVAR} an organizer/founder associated with Circle of the Sublime Elm at: in Orlando, FL. As well as Orlando Gay Pagans and The Alliance of Savannah Area Pagans at: Merry Meet to All, Where All Paths are Welcome!!! The Circle of the Sublime Elm is the 13th largest & most active Pagan Meetup Group in the world!!! This Circle of the Sublime Elm will strive to be a group of open-minded & free spirits.Sharing and giving out Perfect Love & Perfect Trust with no boundaries! The Circle of the Sublime Elm is more than a place or a group, it is simply a state of being where it's members come together with open minds, hearts and acceptance; sharing and giving in Perfect Love & Perfect Trust with no boundaries! Our name, the center of our hearts carries such meaning! Sublime is literally to make something pure: to make something such as an emotion finer or purer beautiful: so awe-inspiringly beautiful as to seem almost heavenly; "the composer at his most sublime"; morally worthy: of the highest moral or spiritual value, or intellectual worth, to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor; a: to render finer (as in purity or excellence) b: to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth; elated; joyful..... The Elm itself is a symbol of perspective and height, rising above those that surround us. The Elm has a clear vision of that which surrounds it, as well as that which is approaching. Magickally it marks your progress well as you grow and develop spiritually. As you attain new levels of wisdom, the Elm tells you to look at the future and see where this new knowledge will take you. Also recognize that there will be others following in your footsteps, so make yourself available to guide them and give them a hand when they need it. We can think of no name to say more succinctly what we are. We, at Sublime Elm, come together to honor and venerate the old paths the Gods and our Mother Earth. We come to learn and grow, both individually and together, to refine our spirits, to achieve the pinnacle of what we believe we can be. Our greatest goal yet is to come together to build community, both with our loved friends and family within our group, as well as the pagan community as a whole. We all travel our paths together, and it is through our connections to each and other and the Gods that we are able to understand and become that sublime self, to which we aspire. We invite you to join us. We are open to all paths, traditions and levels of experience. If you wish to reawaken and to let go any past uncertainties or worries, or are simply curious and wish to sit and observe a true circle of Magick, our doors are open to you. There is never a fee to participate in our circle!!! Join our group at: Also, check us out on 'The Witches' Voice in Orlando, Florida at:

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