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Christine Tigerman grew up in southern California and Salt Lake City, Utah. She has her Masters in Gerontology, Business and Psychology from San Francisco State University. She has an Emphasis in Business aspects for Elder care. She has worked with the elderly population for the majority of her adult life, holds an RCFE license, and was an Assistant Executive Director in a Nursing Home in Burlingame where she learned to love the Elder population. Following this path she found other avenues to enact change in Clinical Research. Born to a catholic family, she converted to Judaism and has, more recently, rediscovered her pagan path. She still identifies with each of these communities, and feels that it is important to preserve her rights--and everyone's rights--to practice any spiritual path. She has lived in the Bay Area since 1992 and has been a part of the Pagan Alliance since 2008, volunteering and offering her help when and where ever she could. Christine is very community minded and volunteers for many other groups and Bay Area Organizations. Often seen gardening, she also does needle point, softball, soccer, yoga and enjoys dancing when she isn’t baking or assisting one of the many community organizations she volunteers for. She has also traveled to many ancient ruins of the world. She lives with her 15 year old daughter in Pacifica.

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