My Son, Ian the College Grad

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I wanted to take a minute to first say how proud I am of my son Ian.  he has graduated from college and on his way to his first assignment on his career path.  Please pray for his success and well being as he ventures out into man-hood and starts his journey in his new profession as ast communications  director in the twin cites

Please pray for strength Your fellow friendly pagans need you

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I have messaged privately with a few of you who are having a hard time of it right now.  Maybe a family member has passed and you're taking care of the new life adjustment. Maybe you're talking care of an elderly parent, or maybe a job loss has devastated the family, or in my case... Johnson & Johnson has stopped subsidizing my father's medical costs and taken him off the very medicine that has kept him alive. BTW 12 thousand a month. 


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At this time of year we remember our ancestors and loved ones that have Crossed Over. It is generally a hard time for those of us left behind to go on without them. I kow this all to well, as I lost my 36 year old son July 2015 and my Mother July 2016. May we all have the Healing Strength that we need, Feel the Love of those passed, and Belief that we will meet again in the same time and the same place so that we will meet, and know, and love each other again! Love and Hugs to ALL that feel the loss. Blessed Be! - We Will Remember!!!

Auntie Doddie

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Gee this is a tough week for my family. I was brought up going to an intentional community on an island in the UP of Michigan where I was surrounded by all my fathers brothers and sisters and cousins... man there were a ton of us. They elders are all very similar in age, with my Auntie Margaret in her 90s and my father, Bill 88. In the south, my cousin Karen is on her way to summerland and my Auntie Delores in hospice and we are just waiting.  

Dearest Cousin Karen

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Karen, I cant be there with you as you pass... but I know you can hear me as I type this note to you.  You will be missed so much the island will never be the same without you.  I pray that you have the strength to make it until Adam and Tracy can get there, and then slip away painlessly in peace into the other world. Good bye my beloved cousin. we will miss you so much. 

those reading this please take a moment to remember someone in your life that made a difference. My cousin Karen made a difference in Mine!


A Prayer Request for Tony. Please help!

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Tony's wife is going to have a baby. She is about 5 months along. Her position is precarious they may get into a position of having to choose between mother and baby. Please pray for this lady. I'm sorry I don't know her name, but she has had 2 previous misscarriages. 

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