Prayer Candle

Post your prayer and healing requests below and receive the loving energy of hundreds of fellow pagans around the world. Read and offer healing prayers and light to others.

We believe that prayer and energy work makes a difference regardless of spiritual path or religious affiliation. We are all connected and just writing your prayer here serves as notification to the powers and spirits so they can make a difference in your life. Please share and feel the love of our friendly pagans.

May The Gods Hear Your Prayers!
Mitakuye Oyasin! (We are All Related)
Blessed Be!

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Prayer for All

”I send healing energy of light to all of those who have found this site. May your prayers be answered with quick success, and may the ones who pray for you be specially blessed. May the Universe remove all the obstacles that stand in our way, and may we gain support from our foes in a loving way. As you read these words, may you be surrounded with warm healing light and feel the love of Friendly Pagans tonight!

"By the holding of hands with our brothers and sisters for a common goal our lives can be changed. Collectively, we unite to heal and serve. ”

- Rev Pam