Yoga For Everyone

Welcome to my first installment of “what to do with children”. With the weather being so inconsistent in the Spring it’s hard to pre plan your activities. We prefer to be outdoors exploring and such but when it rains that’s a little hard to do. Since the rain kept us indoors for a few weeks we decided to do some fun stuff indoors. One of them being Yoga, which proved to be  bigger hit than anticipated. Truth be told, my yoga abilities are limited but I love introducing my charges to things that will benefit their brain and growing bodies.

I went online and looked up some pretty standard children’s yoga poses. Surprisingly I knew many of them and did a few practice rounds before I presented it to the kids.

Once ready, I started off by introducing each individual pose and then gradually moved on to incorporating the breathing exercises. I explained that it isn’t about who can do it faster or better. Like always, it’s all about the process (breathing, focusing, strength building & balance) and not the product.

Poses we started with:

-Salutation Seal -Polar Bear Pose -Mermaid Pose -Upward Facing Dog -Downward Dog -Flower Pose  -Star Pose -Rainbow Pose -Child’s Pose -Bridge Pose -Triangle Pose  -Three Legged Dog -Plank  -Tree Pose  -Corpse Pose

Some of the poses seemed more challenging than others but the children did well and seemed to have really enjoyed the activity. All were open to me correcting their form and guiding them with their breathing. I didn’t discourage talking during our session but they kept quiet anyway. Of course they couldn’t help but laugh when they saw me occasionally lose my balance or arms shaking (holding a pose). In all honesty, I enjoyed being open and in a sense vulnerable. It gave them a chance to see me as a being and not just the “adult figure”, it gave us a chance to connect as equals. I explained how I’m strong in certain areas of my body and not so much in others and with continued practice I will be able to strengthen those areas.

My girls all take dance, gymnastics and soccer so by the end of the week their little bodies are dying for some tender love & care. What better way to pamper themselves  than with some yoga “me” time. Yoga doesn’t have to be long. Every little bit, done correctly, is extremely beneficial to our bodies.

The girls (ages 5,7,9) really enjoyed their yoga experience and with school coming to an end they are super excited to add this activity to our daily morning routine. I’ve encouraged them to create personalized sequences with their favorite poses. That way we have different yoga sessions daily and I won’t have to do all of the planning. It’s a win win situation and that makes us all so very happy.

Good luck with your yoga! If you give it a try, I would love to hear about it- please share.

Thank you, for the inspiration, great list of children’s yoga poses and pictures.

Until next time,


Ms Letty