Will I enjoy the process?

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This is a good question.  So many times we focus so much on getting things done and worrying about the outcome that we forget to enjoy the process and take time out of each day to appreciate the blessings that come along with the journey.  Today I picked the two of pentacles.   This card assures me that my many interests, such as: yoga, tarot, photography, travel, crafts, anything creative, etc; adds up to one very satisfying life path.  I have the ability to balance a whole bunch of things at once–a task that a lot of people are envious of–but I still know how to make time for the things that are important to me.  So… I think that this card is telling me that however I’m handling this new transition in my life, it’s a lot better than moping around and feeling sorry for myself.  I know that if I was meant to share this part of my life with someone else in a romantic way, it would be so.

It sounds like this next year is going to be a lot of fun for me and I’ll be finding a lot of things to be passionate about.  And it’s okay to be on my own and take time out for myself.

Onto the next one!!