Why Are We Hurting More People To Prove We're Right? What's your take on this?

Explain this to me... please? 

I dont understand why our trust has gotten so poor. Trust in the system is gone.. certainly theres some "skepticism" about our president elect. Facebook marks thousands of people "dead" on their profiles. So we protest. Our right as Americans, and then we break window of stores, burn cars, and even our shoot Americans.

can I please say. What the fuck? Explain this to me.  I dont care what your personal political views are... religion is... belief path or what ever - it is wrong. 100% wrong to cause violence. Our entire country was built on the easy transfer of power. and to show you're upset you hurt small business guy who may not be able to send his id to college now because you burned his store.  Isnt the little guy who your protesting for? 

My son is currently doing research in Minnesota with an antiestablishment group.  I asked him why - Why the violence? He explained that ( these are my words) but my understanding is even a small business person stands for " the establishment" and violence gets attention. I am not sure if that's the breakdown - that's why Im posting... 

Several years ago I turned off my TV and went Roku. Recently with the elections I found CBSN which is 24 hour news... now that I have to pay  money to watch the Doctor... Im glued to the stupid channel.  everything I turned off my TV is still going on. WHY do you hurt other people to prove your right?  Where has respect for your neighbor gone? Why burn my car - and I dont have insurance so I no longer can get to work... because your group was walking by on the street? This is exactly the behavior your protesting... this is something TRUMP would do. He will squash anyone in the way to better the company - I worked for Leo Burnett - I was laid off... I get it. We now now elected the first mob family to power... but there are peaceful recourse.   why dont you petition the electoral college to vote hillary. They haven't even voted yet.

Will someone please explain this to me.... ?