We Have the Power (of MUSICK!)

Pagan Music

We Pagan folk… We have the best of the best!  We know that Magick is real and we don’t have to just sit around and let events drift by us!

Lately, mainstream science has been recognizing that Music actually brings about positive changes.  Music Therapy touches the lives of infants to the aged.  Hospice organizations are bringing in music to help ease the last times of a person’s life.  Listening and participating in music has been shown to help people with strokes, PTSD, as well as other emotional and attention issues.  There are currently several scientific studies going on measuring the effects of different aspects of music on the brain - solid data from institutions like Johns Hopkins.

One of the deepest statements I encountered when I was studying the Craft was, “There is no Magic without Change.”   As a Pagan Musician, that is what I experience every time I perform.  Whether it is at an art gallery, festival, street corner, library, school or senior home, I can always see the effects of the energy I send out - and I know it is true Magick!  I can see the Change!

You can make Magick with Music, too.  It is all out there, just waiting for you to listen.  Play it in the background for you and your family.  Plan music nights and outings.  Grab a drum - or make one!  Shakers!  Dance!  All of these are wonderful ways to connect with Spirit!  Music brings about change!

There are great resources out there for all of us, musician and audience alike.  The internet has provided a great platform for finding the tunes that energize our bodies and brains - and that move our souls.  Here’s a short list to start exploring:

International Pagan Radio
The Cauldron
Sacred Grove Radio
United Pagan Radio
Wicca Radio International

This only scratches the surface.  There are may other stations, often locally based.  Search for pagan radio Iowa, for example, and see what comes up!   It is a great way to connect with who is playing and what is going on near you.  Another benefit is that most of these stations let you request songs and vote for your favorite artists.   Many of them also offer live chats, support local pagan businesses, and sponsor events.  By the way, the artists DO get paid for the number of times their songs are played, so you are helping them directly.

Just so you know...  The International Pagan Music Association has an annual award for several categories of Best that YOU vote for, too!   Joining organizations like this help to support artists and help bring live shows to your neck of the woods.  A voting membership is only $5!  And it is truly "international" - Last year's Best Pagan Band award went all the way to GREECE!

AND there is a new station called Fringe TV Online that bring you music videos, live talk shows, documentaries and movies.   Check out You Tube, too - just search any performer or band you like:  David Wood, Wendy Rule, Damh the Bard, Burning Sage, Rowena, Brian Henke, Mama Gina, Witches Mark, Omnia, Faun, and the list goes on and on!  (If you see new names here, go look them up!)

Once the weather eases and we can all get out and about again, make it a point to support your local music artists.  Go see them.  Buy their recordings.  Tell others about them.  Go to festivals and celebrate each other with music!

Next time...  with feeling!   Ginger