Volunteer Birthday Party - Giving Back

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Volunteer to Feed My Starving Children for Your Next Birthday Party - Great Way To Give Back!

My Starving Children

Minnesota - Wisconsin - Texas - Florida - Illinois and many more locations. Help me Help turn hunger into hope with your own two hands by packing nutritious meals for hungry children around the world. Feed my starving Children was introduced to me from my son, Ian who has been volunteering with ome friends when he's home from college. I must say it was a really nice experience. We even got to taste the food - which was really good. The experience is fun, organized, educational and one hour. The time went by so fast.


Logon and create a special group name for your party - see how many friends you can get to join you. What a great feeling to be part of these amazing success stories by stuffing fortifies rice and the etcetera into a bag that feeds one child for a week.  If you dont have this particular group near you - Im sure there are local projects in your neighborhood with the same idea. Just think if every one of us did this one time - the literal thousands of lives we will have saved. Join me won't you? 

I am asking all my Friend Gathering Community to hold a volunteer birthday party for their next birthday. Join me January 31 2017 at the schamburg location. 


Need to choose a charity for your payroll giving program? We qualify! Your employer may even match your gift. United Way Write in “Feed My Starving Children” to direct your contribution to FMSC. On the form, be sure to include our full name and the address of our national headquarters: Feed My Starving Children (HQ) 401 93rd Ave. NW Minneapolis, MN 55433

Find My 2017 Birthday Party Invite HERE