Veterans Day Magic Work to Protect Americans. JOIN US TONIGHT FROM HOME

Hey - if you missed the 11/11 at 11pm energy working... We still need you!  Post your prayers and healing requests to  or click the prayers link above.  We need your support.  Reply to others who have posted there. Cast your energy as you write on the blog. YOU can help us heal this nation.

And thanks - for posting this originally - great idea helmsman. 

Blessed Be. 



To all members of the extended magical community of the United States:

Since last night and this morning's election results, there has been a growing fear that our community and other communities of marginalized, easily targeted, minority, and unrecognized people are facing increased prejudice, violence, and loss of legal rights under the Trump/Pence administration. Based on past statements and behavior by Donald Trump and Michael Pence, it is not unlikely to expect erosion of the rights of LGBT+, people of color, minority religious, and women during their presidency and the concurrent Republican control of both houses of Congress.
We are workers of Will. We need to do something about that.
Friday, November 11, is Veterans Day, the day when we honor those who gave their time and in many cases their lives for the protection of this country. It is also the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I; a powerful resonance of peace that while not permanent, nevertheless ended a time of much suffering.
I am asking all workers of magic, American or not, to take time on Friday evening, November 11, to in whatever way they find good to ask their ancestors to protect all Americans who could be threatened by these changes, specifically including but not limited to the groups mentioned above. If you raise energy or do a more complex working, please attempt to time it so that your energy releases at 11:11pm USEST/8:11 USPST.
This working is not about negative energy aimed at anyone. This is about asking the ancestors to protect people, and blocking any attempt at taking away rights that are already present, hard won and earned. While this working is aimed at protecting Americans, we welcome help from our friends in other countries; we would not have our independence without Germans, Poles, and a Frenchman.
Yes, it is that bad. Yes, it may get worse before we are done here. But we have the power within ourselves to change it -- both by action in the mundane world and action in the unseen world. Let's get moving.
Please spread this far and wide, as long as no edits are made.

Dagonet Dewr
Founder, International Pagan Pride Project (retired)