Vendor Page Access Control

When you either create or edit your vendor profile, you'll see a Privacy settings section that allows you to control how users interact with your business and products.

Select from the options in this list:

  • Anyone can join - Everyone can view the content on your vendor page, post to your vendor page, and comment on posts on your vendor page. This option is recommended for most vendor pages.
  • Joining requires admin approval - Non-members can apply for access to post on your vendor page, but you must approve each membership request. Use this option if you to have full control over the content on your vendor page.
    • Hide contributed content from non-members - Select this check box to hide your vendor content from non-members.  This option is NOT recommended for vendor pages.
  • Joining requires an invitation - Non-members must be invited to join your page by a current member. The vendor page and its content are hidden from non-members. This option is NOT recommended for vendor pages.

    NOTE: To invite members to join your vendor page, visit the published vendor page, click Administer group, and then click the Add people link.