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Valentine's Day-Beyond Consumerism

Feelings are stirring and that isn’t all!  In the Northern Hemisphere, The Spring Equinox will be on Monday March 20th and Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14th. My mother was wonderful about celebrating holidays –any reason for a celebration was a good one.  So, on Valentines’ day, as children, my sister and I could expect to make paper hearts with lace, share little cards with classmates and eat delicious chocolate cake.  February is usually pretty bitter with howling cold wind and ice. Hot chocolate, comfort foods and warm moments are brought into focus –All that cold can make a person grateful quickly!

Love –Oh that wonderful feeling

While I love chocolate, paper hearts, and fuzzy stuffed bunnies, Valentines strikes a much deeper chord that reverberates to concepts –more meaningful.  More than “I love you,” it is a moment to regard the need for self-love and bringing the love that we need to ourselves.  Why not set time aside for yourself for a hot bath, a carefully prepared meal with a one dollar wine glass and beautifully situated food on a platter?  Another idea would be to simply promise yourself to finish that nice warm, sweet smelling coffee or tea without jumping up to finish house chores or some other task on the to-do list (I have to try hard on that one.)

On a day when people are “smooching” and getting “lovey-dovey” with a significant other, being solo can be a little disenchanting.  A day like Valentines is a perfect opportunity to go do that thing you really want to do –something that makes you smile. On Valentine’s Day, promise yourself to feel good, to look good, and to set out into the world with the intention of discovering what manifests a fantastic feeling.  Who knows? Maybe, you will find someone for you by doing the things you love to do!

Community Togetherness

Valentines is the time we take to say I appreciate our time together –When is the last time you sat down with a friend to just have a good chat and that is all?  The truth is most people need the support of someone in their life whether that is from a friend, family, pet, community etc.  The support enables us to accomplish much more than we imagined as individuals.  When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of projects and intentions that need others in order to thrive.

Spring Equinox Rising

In 2014, I looked over the mountains in Colorado and admired the Aspen trees with their distinctive black marks. While gazing my mind drifted to a story of the wild woman of the wood whipping the trees and beckoning for them all to awaken.  I mused that it must be where all those black marks came from,  –after all, Spring was coming!  Cold bitter wind blows across the flatlands of Missouri as I write this now.  It is difficult to imagine that spring is just around the corner.  Each day grows longer and the increasing restlessness reminds me that the season is indeed changing. February is a fantastic time to pay attention to new ideas, creative urgings, spiritual illumination or guidance.  These are the very inspirations that are planted like seeds.  In March, at the Spring Equinox, the ideas begin to sprout and grow and I nurture them into fruition with all the love, faith and hope that I can. 

I asked my little girl, “What are the first things that come to mind when I say the word spring?”  She closed her eyes and popped them open with exuberance “New beginnings, flowers, grass, bubbles, hunting for little treasures, special treats.”  The Spring Equinox is exactly that and so much more.  It is the breath of fresh air, a boost of energy, and quiet nurturing of something that we look forward to in life. During the Spring Equinox,it is often heard that there is a need to nurture what growth is desired. Yet, what I find most disturbing is there is often a lack of clarity when it comes to what we want or dream of.   It is great to dream but without putting the desire forward it may never manifest!  So that being said, dare to believe in your own dreams and desires.  Be patient and nurture your “seeds” with actions, feeling and thoughts.  If you are looking for additional ideas, try some of the things below to pounce into the season! 

Divination Inquiries:

  • Where do I need a new beginning in my life?
  • How can I bring more balance to my life?
  • How can I more clearly define what I desire in my life?
  • How can I honor what supports and sustains me? 

Things you can do:

  • Get outside for some fresh air, go for a walk and take the dog  (if you have one that is)
  • Open the curtains and welcome the strengthening light into your life.  Breathe it in!
  • Make some ornaments for returning birds as offerings
  • Decorate eggs as offerings
  • Decorate a sacred space or your home with spring things. 
  • Start some seedlings if you are gardening (I typically begin with lettuce, kale)
  • Begin making a home-made kite with your children to fly. 
  • Make a spring goddess (out of anything you can find!)
  • Collect spring rain to use in your rituals.



SPRING EQUINOX RISING –Celebration of the Fertile Earth SPRING EQUINOX RISING –Celebration of the Fertile Earth