The ultimate recycling project

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Hello everyone,

How is your spring going??  Mine is filled with the usual taking care of my dad, working on creative stuff and waiting for the weather to stop teasing us and JUST BE WARM ALREADY!!!!  While I'm (no-so-patiently) waiting for that to happen, I got this brilliant upon brilliant idea.  I have been writing about my life in 5 subject college ruled notebooks since I was 18.  It started out as a project to keep in touch with a friend who lived in a different state but sadly, the friendship didn't last.  My first two notebooks are still out there, either thrown out or in a box collecting dust and being used to keep mice warm in the winter.  But every single book after that has been there with me throughout every life stage since then.  It was (and still is) a goal of mine to filled up an entire book case with all of my journals.  Since then, I've been filling up all of my journals with anything and everything I can find, including journals from people that aren't even on the internet anymore.  I guess my younger self had the forethought to save and print out everything.  

Well... in late 2006 I decided to bring a friend into this project.  For the next 9 years, we'd filled up almost 20 of our own notebooks.  I spent the last year of our friendship (I didn't know it would be our last year as friends, but that's just how things worked out) transcribing all of our journals and turning them into real books.  I decided that I liked this idea so much that I decided to do the same thing with my own journals.  I told my mom about this plan and she freaked out about it, saying not to destroy the originals because in 100 years historians are going to uncover it and marvel at the handwriting and cursive, la la la.  So I hung onto them... but I still wanted to turn them all into books.  So... about a month ago I got this idea.  From now on, I'm going to get one-of-a-kind journals that I don't want to destroy.  This will have my handwriting in it and since it means something, I won't destroy it.  I found someone on Etsy who makes journals out of repurposed, old-timey books.  So... I got 4 to start with and decided that I might still transcribe those, but I won't destroy them.  As for my collection of notebooks... I'm going to transcribe the words on every page and then rip up all of the pages and turn it into my very own Book of Shadows.  I've always wanted a BoS but I could never find one that was "perfect" enough to feel like home enough for me. This was because I was meant to make one myself.  So... this spring will be used to type up all of these journals, and the summer will start transforming the pages into recycled paper.  I want to document the process with either pictures, video, or a combo of both.  So... I will come back here often, maybe once a week, and let everyone know my progress.  I'm so excited to do this!!  I want to get my book done by Halloween this year.  Not sure if that will end up happening but... you never know.  

Until we meet again!!

Daisy Lu Summer