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Rita schory's picture
Hello and welcome to your new favorite store!! Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved jewelry. As I grew older and started getting serious about collecting new pieces, I was constantly on the lookout for those special pieces you couldn't find anywhere else. You know the kind. You wear it proudly, knowing that absolutely no one else on the planet has a piece exactly like you. It even feels as if it was made especially for you. That's how I make all my pieces--with you, the new owner, in mind. Please come check out my shop and see if you can find that piece that's calling out to you, begging to be taken home and worn by you and soaking up your energy. I also do special/custom orders, I can take requests or work with what you already have, and I also make unique pendulums. I can wrap any stone and make it into a pendulum, and turn that into a necklace so you never have to be without it.
Elgin, IL