Spirit Boards and talking boards.

​Spirit and Pendulum Boards

Wyrd Wytch Wayz spirit boards are made by hand in a ritual atmosphere with positive intent. They are stored with love amidst cleansing herbs and crystals until they find their proper homes. Each board is handmade and one of a kind with an original spell or prayer written on the reverse side that you may use if you wish to clarify your purposes and intents before using. Unless clarified the board is sold alone. A small glass or pendulum can be used in place of a planchette. Spirit Boards date from 1890. They are a historical and wonderful tool for accessing hidden knowledge. Now, whether the hidden knowledge is part of your subconscious or comes from the spirit world is open to your interpretation... As with any tool, its power and use is subject to the wielder of the tool. I do recommend caring for your spirit board with reverence and cleansing it often. Using the board in sacred space with other trusted individuals is always an excellent suggestion. 
Disclaimer. Wyrd Wytch Wayz spirit boards are sold for entertainment purposes only, and I make no guarantee that they will work.  It is my experience from using my own handmade boards that they do work and can be a useful and interesting tool. Customers have often looked at them and felt a general feeling of comfort and peace with each board.

Spirit Boards. 
These boards often display an alphabet, symbols and numbers, a yes and a no option, and a hello and goodbye statement.

Pendulum Boards
These boards display significant answers and statements. Some are as simply as yes, no and maybe. Others can be very detailed with several words or statements and options available.

Wyrd Wytch Wayz Boards
Wyrd Wytch Wayz boards are unique in the fact that they also come with special protection and intents. Written on the back of every board is a Blessing of Protection. The blessing is unique for the board and not spoken aloud. That honor is saved for the person who takes the board home and invokes the blessing as their own. 
Wyrd Wytch Wayz boards are made with extreme care and meditation. Each board is channeled through my guides and muses. When a spirit board is purchased it does come with my business card so I am available to answer any questions regarding it.

Spirit Boards and talking boards.
The history began in China and started with a process known as automatic writing 1100 AD, in historical documents of the Song Dynasty. "Planchette writing" was the method introduced and was used as a method to contact the spirit world with special protections and procedures due to mediumship being outlawed at the time. Similar methods of spirit writing have been practiced in ancient India, Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe.
During the late 19th century they were marketed as a toy. In 1980 the Ouija board became very popular. Although for centuries these boards were already being used for spiritual means. They were not however called “Ouija boards”. They were Spirit Boards, Talking Boards, and Witches Boards along with many other names. 
Since that time criticisms have abounded. Rumors have filled spooky stories and now the internet. As a practitioner, I do have my own personal feelings about this. A spirit board is a tool, much like a hammer it can be used properly with wonderful effect, or when treated as a toy, can cause harm. Before using any means to contact the spirit world, please be clear on your purpose and intent. My boards are created with safe guards to remind you of this.
Until we meet at the crossroads,
Blessed Be,
Angel Rose Nox