So What Are You Doing To Celebrate Ostra? Here's what I did for Imbolc. Comments?

My son and I have an Imbolc ritual we do every year that includes playinig the little flute he got in fourth grade. Hes a grown man now and I miss those times.  Here is the ritual we did every year. 

Im interested in knowing what you did. and what your plans are for Ostra.



Each family member has a white candle with one big white candle on the alter not lit. 

wrap the corn dolly in a white dress

each member lights their individual candle and together as a group says Bridget Inspir us, Bridget Heal Us, Bridget Transform Us. 

Light the alter candle together. 

All say together

Now I banish winter, Now Ii Welcome Spring, Say farewell to what is dead, and greet each living  thing. Repeat 3 times. Bride has come Bride is wecome. 

Song to the oe o joy - Beethoven

Ode to Bridget Mother Goddess

Joyful Joyful we adore her. Goddess of rebirth and spring. Blessed is this time of living, Bridget transforms everything. See the sunrise, spring is upon us, snow melts away and life regained. Sing to her in Many voices, magick healing everything.