Sending You Friendly Pagans Love for Valentine's Day - I'm Inviting Three Friends to Join! #pagans

To My Friend! Be My Valentine! Join me on the newest social website for pagans and It all free! Start your profile, vendor page and community. Blog, request prayers, connect with parents of pagan kids, send healing, make a commitment to the earth,  join a video chat group.  We Need You - tell your friends - share the love friendly pagans and join the newest social media for our pagan community. 

To Members: 

copy and past this URL into facebook and it will automatically populate.

or Save image to your computer and add it to your website and social media.  Right click the  heart and share it with a friend.  Invite your pagan group to join and add events to the calendar.  We need your help to spread the love this Valentines' day. 

Repeats every year on the 14 of February 5 times.
Feb 14 2017, 8:00am CST