Results and Feelings of This Spread as a Whole

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So… we finally come to the end of this spread and today we’ll be starting up a new one.  In addition to focusing on this card, I’m going to give the rundown of all the cards and what I thought of the reading as a whole.  And if anyone would like me to do this for them with all the cards, please let me know.

For this question, I pulled the Ace of Swords.  I actually got a lot of swords for this spread, meaning that there’s going to be a mixture of good and bad… on the one hand I’m going to feel happy and free and like I’m rediscovering myself, and on the other, there’s going to be people that come along and they’ll try and knock me off-course.  They will try and seduce me into thinking that they’re perfect for me and they’ll want me to believe them, but if something doesn’t feel right to me, there’s a reason why and it’s okay to walk away from it.

I used to be the type of person that wanted so badly to believe in what someone else was telling me that I ignored all evidence to the contrary and of course it would blow up in my face.  So… in order to survive this I have to be brave and look at all the evidence pointing me to who a person is and deciding if it’s something I can deal with before going through with pursuing something.  So many times we jump into things too quickly because our hearts get all squishy but we fail to believe our brains that something is wrong.  One good thing about me starting this project in Mercury Retrograde is that instead of running away from everything until it’s over, I have spent it looking inward and speaking my truths.  And this whole reading in general is a huge truth for me: yes, I should start on this project.  It will be terrifying, emotional, scary, amazing, enlightening, beautiful, honest, soul-finding, and all the other words that go with that.  I’m very much looking forward to this next part of my life and documenting all of my adventures.

Onto the next spread!!

Blessed be!!