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Yay! It is Imbolc! The season I call "The Quickening." Imbolc is a fabulous time to renew your commitment to the divine, to add power to your personal workings (spells), and to gather with friends.  Since I've little time to gather with friends during a weekday, my Imbolc is composed of lighting candles and taking a walk outdoors.  Upon waking, I could feel the energy of the season coursing through me, invigorating me, inspiring me and giving me just what I need to take on the day! This is when we may first begin to notice that the snow is subsiding (not that we've had any here.) Chase off the winter! Burn some paper snowflakes, offer the warmth of a candle's light, nurture seeds indoors until the ground is just warm enough to plant them. Speaking of seeds, nurture the metaphorical ones as well -the thoughts, dreams, and desires that we've been counting on!  

Despite the good groundhog seeing his shadow, there are definite signs that nature has been quickened! The north wind blows bitter today (almost enough for hot chocolate). I took a walk outside in the yard to look for any signs of growth and here are only a few! Six more weeks of winter? Perhaps! How will you be nurturing what you've begun?   Enjoy the season!  

                                                                                                  Image may contain: plant, bird and outdoorImage may contain: tree, sky and outdoor