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Products for mind body and soul. Natural and organic. Incense , candles, soaps and more.

vicki meals's picture

We sell Handmade natural products and products for the mind body and soul.  We hand dip all kinds of ritual incense, blend ritual essential oils as well the usual.  We have been in business for 34 years with several store front. But recently do the raises in rent had to abandon  them and go to internet.  we do several festival  of all types through out the year but health has slowed me down. We are the maker of BooBoo Oil, Dragonblood gemstone ugly candles, natural soaps, and can make from essential oils most any scent you desire. We honor all religion that harm no one in any way and believe that when walk through our separate denomination doors to heaven we all be in same room. We sell sell herbs and if don't see it ask will do our make it find it or get it.

box 120
clintonville pa
clintonville, PA 16372