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Knotted Nuptials (Legal Handfastings)

Rayvin became a Sudbury Wedding Officiant because she loves LOVE!  She is happy to Creatively Officiate your wedding or handfasting the way you want it. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, it doesn’t matter if you are gay or not you just have to believe in LOVE.

The name, Knotted Nuptials seemed like a perfect fit. Nuptials is a word derived from the Latin nuptialis “pertaining to marriage,” from nuptiae “wedding.” Knotted as we all know mean to tie knots. When we tie something together we bind it, creating a union. The term “Tie the Knot” has many possible origins. Such as in Celtic traditions the couple would have their hand bound together and the couple would stay together for a year and a day as a trial marriage. After that time they would decide if they wanted to stay together permanently or separate. That is called a handfasting.

Modern day couples can choose to have this type of Handfasting Ceremony or can end it with legal papers making the marriage legally binding as well as spiritually. Knotted Nuptials will do either should you choose a handfasting.

Knotted Nuptials Presents….

Reverend Rayvin Nyte of Knotted NuptialsReverend Rayvin Nyte! She is a legally Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the Bancroft Centre For Awakening Spiritual Growth and Registered by Province of Ontario Ministry of Government Services to officiate weddings and handfastings in Ontario.

Rayvin is also an initiated Priestess and has been serving the Pagan community in Sudbury since 2002. She has been creating, planning and presenting various rituals, events and ceremonies for years, some public some private. She has been volunteering as Clergy with the Hospital and Cecil Facer for over 10 years and sat on the Sudbury Multifaith Committee.

This is your wedding let’s do it the way you want? Rev. Rayvin will be happy to create a wedding or handfasting ceremony to suit your desires. She has also been involved in various aspects of wedding planning over the years. Rayvin has been a bride, bridesmaid, groomsmaid, decorator, MC, confidant and simply a guest at various weddings.

She is a mother of two very talented teenagers. She is a loyal friend and very community oriented. Book now and let her make your ceremony one to remember!

Enchanting & Enhancing Your Life
Reverend Rayvin Nyte
Knotted Nuptials
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada