Ogham Tree Runes

Ogham Tree Rune oracle, wood burnt on wooden acorns. They have been cured with oil and stored with dry herbs recognized for their cleansing and protective properties. -All items are handcrafted by myself. They arrive in a small bag with a booklet containing a description of runes with common divination meanings. -

Ogham runes are Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the early “Primitive” Irish language in the 4th to 6th centuries
The oracle was created using this alphabet and combining it with the druid and tree folklore of the time. Today it is often used in Cleromancy, a form of divination using the, casting of lots, or casting bones or stones. This specific oracle set has the rune and the name of the associated tree burned on the front of the leaf, the back of the leaf remains untouched.
All items are handcrafted by myself. Shipped with insured mail and tracking. Available stock is as listed here. Costs as listed plus shipping. Note Color of Booklet Cover page may differ from the booklet shown*