Nyx Knocked.. A Poem by Angel Rose Nox

Nyx Knocked was written and inspired by my love of the Divine Feminine and with respects to the children's' song "This Old man" whose melody and rhythm played in my head while the goddess danced. This poem is a story of ebb and flow. It tells of the journey from maiden to crone and the cycle of life from student to teacher. 

Though the exact origins of the children's song and rhyme,  "This Old Man",  that inspired this poem are unknown respect is given to Anne Gilchrist's Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (1937) which is as far as my own research could lead me to this inspiring tune's origins.

Nyx Knocked

This woman she played one 
she was lost, out of place and alone
Then Nyx knocked don’t be whack give the god a crone
Leave this place and walk with me. I will guide you home.

 This woman she played two
She didn't know just what to do
Then Nyx knocked “Don’t be whack! Give the god a Crone”
Question all, study hard and learn the way back home

 So this woman, she then played three
She played three on bended knee-
Nyx knocked hear me miss- Your so much more than this. 
You’re the maid, the mother, the crone, pick your butt up and find the way home!

 Then this woman she played four
She picked herself up off the floor
Nyx laughed that’s the knack, give the god a crone!
Maid and Goddess went walking home

 This woman she played five, 
the maid was feeling new and alive.
Then Nyx knocked don’t you slack, Give the god his crone,
Maid you've only just begun, the road is long to roam!

 This woman she played six, mother and wife
lost in love and sex,
Then Nyx knocked you forgot- your work is not yet done,
Balance love, souls home awaits, Give the god a crone!

 This now woman she played seven, 
with so much to lose she feared earth and heaven.
Then Nyx knocked don’t be whack, you see more than men know,
Know your strength and walk with me, one day you will be crone!

 This goddess she played eight, 
she met her sisters under a velvet cape.
Nyx smiled you are not late, let’s build the god a crone.
You are goddess, hear the roar, welcome to your home.

 This goddess she then played nine. 
She learned and taught the cross roads of the mind.
Nyx laughed and loved her divine- the birthing of the crone.
My sister Goddess dance with me you are not alone.

 Crone goddess she played ten
She sat basking in the divine feminine.
Then Nyx knocked don’t be whack , this is not your place alone
The cycle turns, and time moves on, give god another crone...

Written By Angel Phillips, 2011 (Angel Rose Nox)