National Popular Vote

National Popular Vote. 

Sounds simple. Sounds fair - like... every vote would actually COUNT! However - it's not like it sounds... some hate the Electoral College. But the two can co-exsist.  

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Half of Presidential Campaign Is in Only 4 States

Half (126 of 234) of the campaign events in the presidential race between the nominating conventions and the third debate have been in just 4 states (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina).  

Two-thirds of the events (158 of 234) have been in 6 states (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Iowa).

92% of the events (214 of the 234) have been in the 11 states identified earlier in the year as closely divided "battleground" states by Politico and The Hill.  Click for October 21 status of 11 states in Politico list.

28 states have been totally ignored.