My Tarot Journey--the beginning

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Should I Start On This Project??

This is the question for September 5th, 2016. This spread was inspired by the famous Sarah Winchester who died on this day in 1922. She was famous for starting a project on her house that to this day has never been finished. A medium told her that in order to confuse ghosts, she had to build stairs that lead to nowhere, doors that open up into nothing, and to never stop construction.

The summation of this spread asks the question: Are you debating the beginning of a major project? Projects can start out as fun but quickly lose their luster as time and energy slowly deteriorate. This spread consists of 7 questions. The question of today is this: will the results yield a lasting benefit?

I pulled the Page of Cups card in reverse (upside down). Not everyone reads their cards upside down, but I believe that there’s a message in everything so instead of flipping it up the “correct” way, I decided to read it as it was. And this was the message I got.

The Page of Cups reversed depicts someone who is immature and uses drugs and/or alcohol to escape reality. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of this card. I mean, what does someone who is an addict have to do with starting a “project”? And then I thought of the perfect answer. Most of the time, when people think of a project, they think of something outside, like a crafting project, something creative, or a work project. Or could be something personal. I took this to mean that I myself am the “project”, as the card is the spitting image of my most recent ex. 
I was in love with this person for at least 20 years of my life. I often resigned to the fact that we were never meant to be, and for the most part I was okay with never knowing what could be. Until 3 years ago when he popped up into my life again. 
For the first 2 years, I was blissfully happy. I felt like the reason nothing else worked out was because this was supposed to be the relationship I was going to keep forever. And then, in the past year, things slowly began to unravel. And in the last few months, he went from being the man I was going to spend my life with to the man I found myself terrified of. I knew I couldn’t go on like this. So, instead of all the times before when I had chosen “love” over everything else, this time I chose me. I feel like this card represents the person I had to let go of and also validates that I’m on the right path. Because I chose myself this time, the results will most definitely yield a lasting benefit. I am that much closer to finding my chosen person, and in the meantime, I choose me.

If anyone would like me to pull a card for them so they can join in on the journey, please feel free to message me here or comment. I also have a facebook page called Lulu’s Tarot Journey. Thank you all and have a blessed Tuesday.

Blessed be!