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Every Moonth I release a new blog. In it you will find my personal thoughts and below those the last Moonth's collection of book news, archeology, herbs, nature, climate, health, Celtic, Druidic, religion, Fairy, politics and ethics news. So keep scrolling down! For those who are wary of politics - please remember that I am a Druid and historically Druids have been political advisors to the people. I take my Druidic functions very seriously!

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January 2017 The winds of change blow in

The January 2017 blog is up at "Happy New Year!

There is an old Scottish tradition of going out at midnight on New Year’s Eve and testing the winds, the direction of the wind at that time will give you your New Year’s prediction. For me it was a West Wind. The Western direction in Celtic thinking had to do with storytelling and history keeping; both of which were Druidic functions. So for me at least, this will be a year when the lessons of history are foremost......keep reading for a round up of the last Moonth's archeology, book, nature, climate, herb, health, religion and ethics news!

blog 2016 Keeping the faith in the gathering darkness
Posted on December 1, 2016 by

We are finally getting some rain here on the mountain. The land has been so parched that my well went dry twice. Each time I had to wait days to use the water, relying on sponge baths and bottled fare. I have never seen conditions like this in New England.
The Canada geese left for the winter about a week ago and the local lake seems barren without them. A few wild ducks are hanging on.

I have a new animal neighbor – a black squirrel has appeared here in the oak forest where I have been for thirty years now. It’s the first time I have seen one in my neck of the woods. For me, black birds such as raven and crows have always heralded deep magic, luck and prosperity. I meditated on the meaning of the black squirrel and what I received was the word “gathering”.... SEE THE REST AT

May your Solstice fires be bright!