Musick and Magick! "Sharing thoughts and event information with you from a pagan musician's view" By One Of Our Featured Bloggers Ginger Ackley

Hi, Folks!  Ginger here... traveling musician, poet, bard... 

I'll be sharing thoughts and event information with you from a pagan musician's view.  

I am a performer at several festivals each year and I get to meet and jam with incredible artists!  I am on the road most of the Summer and into the Fall, and every year gives me more stories to write and sing.  So far this year, I've played with Brian Henke, with the great folks of Tuatha Dea, Mama Gina, David Woods and SJ Tucker!  Next stop for me is Summerland Spirit Festival in Wisconsin and singing along with Wendy Rule! I'll keep you posted on where and when and who!

For this first blog entry, I would like to talk about my "why" and the magic that brings about...  It has to do with the "ck" I write when I talk about Magick!

Early on in my journey, someone wise told me that the difference between magic and Magick was the action, the living of it.  That resonated deeply with me and helped things make sense in my learning the ways of the wise.   Now, music has always been a huge part of my spiritual side and often I could only express my deepest emotions through song.  One night, it struck me as I was working through a difficult time and needing to really call out to the Goddess that if I sang my spell, then I would connect with that deepest part of me.

It worked... and I started adding a "K" to the word Music whenever I set things in motion by singing and playing.  A spell or wish or question, for me, is much more powerful if I sing it!

The more I played, the more I started to *hear* new songs...  my own songs.  I heard melodies in the water and wind and lyrics danced around my experiences.  I wrote about connections with Spirit, with Goddess and God.  I wrote about reaching across the planes and being touched by the Fae and other Folk.  I wrote about the joys and the sorrows of everyday living and loving  - and about the environment and the things happening in the world!  I found that I could express so much through music.  Better yet, I discovered that others could hear what I was saying!

Being a mom of 5 and grandmom of 17 (now), a lot of my experiences involve children, so songs were written, sung, played with and found their way out into gatherings and recordings.  I began including children's programs when I played at pagan festivals.  I changed up the lyrics to familiar songs to engage them, like transforming the "Hokey Pokey" into the "Hocus Pocus" to teach about magical tools.  The reaction of the kids was amazing and I learned something vital.  

Those young ones are our future.  For our beliefs and practices to live and grow, our youth need songs and rhymes that are just as beloved as "The Farmer in the Dell" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."  They deserve happy melody memories that let them sing and dance with the Lady and Lord and all the wondrous Folk.

Another beautiful thing happened as I started singing for the children....  At a Beltane Festival at Our Haven in Indiana, we were putting on a playground concert for the youth attending.  I looked out at my audience and realized that about half of them were grown ups, but all of them had the happy faces of children!  Musick does that...  it can touch the Child within all of us!

How can I keep from Singing?  

I'll be at Summerland Spirit Festival from July 8 to July 16.  After that is West Virginia Pagan Pride in Morgantown, WV on July 30.  Cleveland Pagan Pride is August 26-27 in Bedford, OH.  I'll also be playing at the Earth Warriors Festival in Clarksville, OH September 21-24.  

Updates as I get them...   See you on the road!

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