Music For The Soul

Hey there, my Friends!

Have you ever had times where you just couldn't deal with things or find the words to express what you are feeling?

I know I have and Music has always been there to pull me through and give my soul the voice it needed!

I have the great good fortune to have met and performed with so many wonderful Pagan musicians.  There is something intangible, yet very real, about the way they put words and sound together that cuts through all the daily mess and goes straight to the heart.   It always makes me wonder...  how do we do it?   What is so special about Pagan Music?

We use drums like heartbeats...
We share melodies we hear in the wind...
Pagan music is Elemental!  We let the Earth sing through our strings and Air whisper through our pipes.  Water ripples through our harmony and Fire crackles through our lyrics...  or any combination of those that happens!
We let Spirit lead us and follow that lead with our main instrument, our Soul!

I am constantly telling folks at my workshops that everyone has their own Song.  Think about it and see if you can make your own Soul Music!

I'll be out at Cleveland Pagan Pride in Bedford, Ohio with other awesome Pagan musicians and artists.  You'll find me on the regular stage on Saturday and working with the Small Folk on Sunday!

I'll also be out at Earth Warriors with SJ Tucker, Kellianna and an incredible lineup of presenters and wonderful, magickal folk!  Check it out at

Search out the live Pagan Music in your own area!  Get up and dance and give your Soul a chance to sing!

Till next time....   Ginger