The Muse is Afoot!

Hello, again Music Lovers!  Here for your pleasure is a bit of insight into a Muse-addled brain... 

I have been frequently heard to describe the little Muse that visits me.  She is about 3 and a half feet tall, dark hair and bright green eyes - and She kicks me in the shins when She wants my attention!  

Lately, I have been limping.... a LOT!

A friend of mine in Florida posted  a lovely fable about a crow and the other birds he thought were happier than he was.  That started it off... 

By the next evening, I had an entire new PAGAN CHILDREN'S ALBUM written!  

I am now in process of recording the album AND have also had a bright idea to do a lyrics book along with it, published as a COLORING BOOK!   

Yeah... I know... crazy, right?  But I think it just might work!

I had a great interview about the project with Pam Kelley on Pagans Tonight on January 24, and we really got into a great discussion on how important it is to have quality music to offer our children.  We don't tend to push our beliefs on our kids, but I think we do need to provide access and a foundation for them to form their spiritual paths on.  

Music provides a lovely way to learn and memorize things, with an extra benefit of touching and enriching the human spirit.  That is a fact through the entire circle of life.  I have sung and played for folks from birth to death, and can tell you that Music never fails to work its magic!

At any rate, the new project will be called "The Wee Folk Stomp" and will feature several newly written songs.  I've also given new lyrics to some old songs remembered from childhood, but written for our Pagan kids!  I'm working on the coloring book and making some progress there, too.  Looks like it will have an art nouveau flavor to it!

If you would like to help test listen to some of the songs, message me or email me at and I will give you the link and password.  

Onward I go...  singing!