Announcing Sunday Skype Study Group Starting February 2017

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first ten people can start February 2017  JOIN HERE

To join the group you need to find the months first sunday book club event and join from that months events page. We will meet online via skype to discuss classic pagan books, manuscripts and readings etc... We will meet once a month on the first Sunday at 8pm CST.  11 months of the year - we do not meet in January. 

Our first meeting will be the First Sunday 5th February 2017, and every 1st Sunday there after - cept January

​How this works  I can skype up to 10 computers at one time. You have to be my friend. Depending on the book, it usually takes three months or 3 Sunday meetings to read one book and discuss it properly. The first 10 people signed up for the book will commit to that three month series, and have first dibs on a skype spot in the next group / book selection. If you opt out of a book you can try to join the next book when it is announced here. All

will be for that three are will be in this round. However, if someone cant make it we can always add you skype last minute to the group. Most of the books we will be reading are what I would like to refer to as "the old classics" I want to delve into old publications looking for missed secrets, original concepts, and historic magick. 

PineManor401 is my skype profile name (it is my wedding business skype) You need to friend me to be added to the live feed.  There is no fee / cost. But you do need to be on a computer and you do need to always have the most updated skype ap on your computer possible.  as long as you have internet - there is no costs its a free download.

My phone number is 847-873-7463 CST 8-8pm please if you have questions... Pam