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Mojo Mamas -about Dr. Angela Krout

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Metaphysical practices, of all sorts, but most especially, Conjure and Rootwork have been a passion of owner Dr. Angela Krout's for as long as she's been a magical practitioner. Drawn to the magic at an early age she was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta and found many "old school" rootwork and conjure practices there as well as the Ozark Mountains. 

She has studied with old school conjure and rootworkers as well as contemporary magical practitioners. 

Magic is far reaching, but has traditions from all over, folk magic is reaching into the magic of our roots, where we came from. 
Mojo Mamas carries spell supplies, candles, incense, herbs and all of the components of successful spellwork, so that you too can get back to the roots from where your magic came.

Our website is


318 S Main St