Looking back on Elf Fest...

Looking back on Elf Fest 2015 I fell it was on of the best fests at Lothlorien I have attended in a long time. The weeks leading up to Elf for me started with uncertainty about even being able to go, and the Fest ended with personal growth and healing for myself and and others I know. Some of the most positive things that came out of this fest for myself were the wonderful ritual that Pam and Jonathon put together and I was honored to be a pat of, and the healing of a many year broken friendship. I am looking forward to having more positive experiences at Lothlorien in the coming years and more fest like Elf was this year.


Sean - we love you!

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Sean thanks for using our website and leaving your comments about Lothlorien. this is exactly what we want to use this website for.  You honor us by mentioning our ritual and thank you so much for helping us and being a part in it. you  touched so many people.  We touched so many new people. our ritual introduced an old traditional thinking back into the community by leading them through the woods and letting the land speak to them. You helped us reintroduce "harm ye none" and "leaving things better than we found them" and "loving our brothers and sisters by understanding and education" (thanks to Crystal's Group Saturday  rital too) Together combined we made a difference - we have started something.  Your partisipation  has actually changed lives. And tthats what this website is for. we mean to capture that love here on friendly pagans.  A plae to share and educate and generate that love energy, healing energy. Also- I am so happy for you and your mended relationship. I'll just throw this out there.  helped with the ritual in love and got love in return...

Sean I know I am a better person for meeting and getting to know you. :) and I thank you for that. 

Meanwhile... if you can help us by add more events and festivals onto the calendar - that would be sweet! we want  this to be a real meeting place for pagan events around the country  (wink)

You rock dude! 

Pam I will see if I can get

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Pam I will see if I can get some of the Indy Pagans to join the site and try to remember to post some of out local events

are you guys coming this year?

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I am looking so forward to seeing everyone.  are you guys coming this year to elf?