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I wanna start more cyber groups meeting. Our book club is a blast!

Hello Friendy Pagans - its 2017 a red -headed man from mars is running our country, and we are witches with technology.  I want to meet new people and do ritual, train and learn using skype. FriendyPagans.com is about getting everyone together, uniting the community and this is a great way  to meet pagans all over this Great USA. Skype Video is a free download, and with a very small financial investment the group organizer can upgrade to video chat with up to ten computers. Which is what  I have. 

Now - I take no responsibility for a group Im not in.  but I will feature you in the newsletter if you have a video class, book club, discussion group, ritual what ever. I want to encourage this as much as I can. with the disclaimer... other then seeing you? I cant think of any way this is dangerous unless yu give personal info - right? so dont give personal info. If some weirdo shows sumten ugly then block him! let me know and we will block him from the friendlypagans site too. for vendors, no sex period. I do understand for legitimate training classes, herb lady or what ever could ask a fee for their class. I think that is totally fair. But you need a vendors page active and connected to your contact info. BTW I would totally take a video skype herb class and paypal.me a fee for the class.

HOWEVER the majority of these skype groups should be free to participate. 

So - Im looking for people who want to lead these groups. Message me...