January 31 Super Full / Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse - and what does it mean?

I must admit - I do a lot of my research on youtube.  If I find something I like - I very often use it to educate my coven-mates before or during ritual... That being said - My birthday is January 31st and thought I better "bone-up" on what this all means. 

I found two videos that explain everything. But mostly I heard these things... its the time of karma and transition. Finishing things. Transformation. The moon will be at its closest point on the 31st so thats the super part... and its energies will be aty its highest point since the year 1855. 

This first video I liked because I dont know a  lot about astrology and it was dumbed down. The second I liked the way she explained her predictions. And made a statement about how the stars align. In order to have a super full blue moon eclipse, all the planets have to align the sun the moon and the earth. That's why I have called my coven together to use this energy for powerful transformation spellwork.