Instead of Throwing Rice, Throw....

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The rice toss originated as a way to wish the newlywed couple a good harvest, but there are so many other creative, fun, and eco-friendly ways to revamp the tradition.  Here are some ideas for your guests to send you off after you and your new spouse say "I do."

1. Bird seed is very similar to rice, but it's a great alternative that is safer for birds.
2. Guests will LOVE waving sparkly/shimmery wands as you walk down the aisle.
3. Sweet sprinkles confection always looks so fun and festive
4. Add a touch of sparkle with bags of glitter for your guests to toss down the aisle.
5. Releasing butterflies is a beautiful idea if you have a spring or summer wedding.
6. Give each guest a paper cone with pompoms and listen for the ooohs and aaaahs
7. Crepe streamers with the colors to match your wedding colors
8. Star or heart shaped sparklers are so romantic.
9. Bubbles!  Who doesn't like bubbles.
10. Throwing fragrant flowers of any kind is always a good idea
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Photo by: Ruth Ann Photography