I Blame the Equal Rights Movement

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Check Scam Shows General Lack Of Respect in Nation Today

It's all how you look at this...

I just received a cashiers check scam.  Its certified and drawn on Farmers Bank however, its fraud.  the check was written for more than my fee ( I marry people) and they wanted the difference back in cash. 

My personal belief that this act speaks to the loss of respect we have for each other. I have REV in the front of my name. someone who would  try to "scam" a person with REV in front of their name? this is bigger then a check scam...  

I really believe that the activism for human rights have degraded our respect for each other. Equal rights is not about saying anything you want because you can. and it is not about "tolerating" a Muslim LGBT Inter-racial couple, who you deem is "less than you".  It's about respecting the individuality of our differences, belief system and choices accepting them as your equal.

A lot of us here have taken a vow to "harm ye none" and that vow needs to over shadow everything we do, say etc. We are all guardians teachers and workers... 

I'm telling you - we as a  society are doing this wrong. and it is showing by the gun violence. Trump.... check scams, every where. There is no respect for human life. We need to understand each other and celebrate the differences, not push tollerance of the lesser into the mass. We are all children of the same universe. 

any thoughts?