HOW TO::: Collect All Your Social Media Feeds on Your Friendly Pagans Profile Page

Featured Bloggers & Vendor Accounts Live Facebook / twitter / social media Feed Options

Hey Friends. Jonathon is working his tail off (thank you Mr Jon) to get us new and cooler vendor pages.  Soon we will be able to upgrade and add facebook feeds to our business pages.  The featured  bloggers can already do this. You can add html to all your social media making your (new) profile page a collection of all your online media. Plus, your profile page is a direct link to your posts too! Posts are different than Blogs and can be  used to feature busines vendor  stuff - where Blogs are reserved for author initiated articles. 

PROFILE - Click Your Name

here you can private message someone. and way down at the bottom you an create a post. Use the "Go To Full Form Option" on the right. 

This can be about your  business, a sale your having, how you feel about the political race - any topic you want. and before you "post" your post... tag it with your vendor account  or community. Just type the first letter and a list will show up. this will allow all viewers to see your posts collected in one place. ( where ever you  tagged it ) and allow people to sort by vendor ( because of that tag) 

HOME - is different than profile. home is " what's going on at friendlypagans. here you will see current activities and recient posts. 

Embed by clicking the "EMBED" icon which is a filmstriptop right. You can add multiple feed there. 

Facebook link for html to creat your feed:​