How can I express my hidden needs in a manner serving my highest good? Monthly Reading By Rita

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January 26th.

Card pulled: dreams.  My dreams have always been simple.  While everyone else was willing to sacrifice who they were for attention, recognition, fame, and admiration, I've always had the goal of being as real a person as I could be.  For a lot of my life, I've always felt like there was an idea people had of me and I've lost a lot of "friends" because of it.  I've always felt like I had to had the pieces of my life that didn't fit into these ideals people had.  But even though there are people I miss and I wish I could still be friends with, I realize that not everyone is suppose to stick around through every aspect of my life.  I wish that I could know for sure that my old friends have at least one good memory about us, but if I've learned anything from the way I was treated by someone I knew for 13 years, it's that some people don't want to remember who they are or where they came from.  And I remind these people of something they don't want to remember about themselves.

I don't do it because I'm stuck in the past or I want to punish anyone.  Mostly, I do it because I like to think of the evolution of how we've all gotten from A to B.  And I think we all have our stories.  Being mad at me for the truth isn't going to make the past any less true.  If these people knew anything about me at all, they'd know that I don't keep score for power.  I want to remember who I am.  So... the question... how does remembering all of this serve my highest good?  I think it's because I tend to see the truth in everything and I want to live my life in the truth, even when it's a little bit scary.  It can't be worse than living in lies.