Honeymoon Tradition

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Why do people go on honeymoons?  After the wedding bells have rung, the cake has been eaten, the vows have been made and the guests have gone, what is left to do? Honeymoon of course.
Couples go on a honeymoon as a celebration of their marriage.  It can be seen as the grand finale or the icing on the cake to the wedding celebration.  Not only that, planning a wedding is hard work so the honeymoon can be considered as the much needed holiday rest from all that hard work that has been put into planning the wedding.  A honeymoon is so important now and days in American cultures that often times if a couple cannot afford a honeymoon right after the wedding, a family member or friend gifts them one or, it is not forgotten but a savings fund is made to possibly incorporate a honeymoon on a later date or exactly on the one year anniversary of the couples nuptials.

A couples getaway or honeymoon is also very important in the bonding process.  It brings couples closer together by having that alone time so that they can connect and enjoy eachother's company and to start their married life together off right.  This is also important for the couple because it sets the mood for intimacy, togetherness, and romance.  According to the couple a honeymoon can be as simple as staying in a few nights at the local hotel or as elaborate as going across the world and luxuriating and exploring what other countries have to offer.  Either way it goes, no two honeymoons are the same,  make yours to cater to you and your mate.   A honeymoon is something as unique and personal as the couple getting married.

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