Hello and Welcome to 2017!

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Hello everyone!

So... the month of January is almost over and I know I'm already behind on my tarot blog.  The good news is, I have some updates!  And, as usual, if you want me to pull a card for you for a particular question, just comment on that question and I'll pull a card for you.  This last spread was all about our hidden desires... what they are, what we really want but feel we can't express, what desire keeps occurring in our waking/dreaming life, and if they're presenting themselves in unhealthy/undesirable ways.  This spread was for the week of January 17th to the 26th and consists of 10 cards.  I'm going to post a question per blog post to break up all the information and make it easier to read.  I liked this spread... it brought up some very personal things that I'm excited to share with you all.

1) What do I desire but can't express?  (January 17th)

Card pulled: "Go With The Flow." Hmmm... I guess this one is true, but I'm trying to be better about it!  One of the lessens for me back in the autumn (after Wild Magick I stayed overnight at my best friend's house and we did our seasonal tarot spread to see what we could expect for the next few months) was to go with the flow.  I have a problem with it because I tend to over-think things to the point of exhaustion but... I know exactly what this spread can be applied to right now.  My love life.

I have a history of picking the wrong person... I mean don't we all until we find the right person??  Anyway... I became single again in July 2016 and for a while didn't want anyone.  But then I got sick and signed onto Okcupid... all the while knowing I wasn't ready for anything.  But... if I really WASN'T ready, then why would I have signed onto that site to being with?  I think I had to be ready for something... otherwise I wouldn't have done it to begin with.

It turned out that with the goddess meddling in my love life (thank you so much for that, btw), I had to follow my heart no matter what the outcome.  I had some people who would message me for a day, a couple of days, a week... but nobody was really in it for the long haul--only a couple of people kept in touch with me and cared about being my everyday.  I met 1 of those people first because he lived closer and I decided to take a chance... it ended after not even a month because he was kind of terrible.  But even so, I'm glad I went through with it because when I met someone else who I had been talking to a little bit longer, things went (and are going) much better.  As I go into this new year, I realize I don't need to overanalyze things to death all of the time.  I can just relax and trust that everything will happen the way it's supposed to.