HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Just one year left in this decade. (The next decade officially begins Jan 1, 2021.)

This note is from Canton, the fellow who maintains the astronomical events calendar on your phone/computer/brain implant. I've just added all the meteor showers and grand celestial events for 2020. If you find any errors or omissions, please let me know at canton@gmail.com.

Things to look forward to this year: VENUS will be just awesome. Mars too, properly huge and bombastic in October. And on February 18, watch as Mars disappears behind the waning crescent moon. Awesome!

Near the very end of 2020, on December 21st, watch for a rare (once in 20 years) conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn when the two planets will appear to combine into a single body... DURING the Ursids meteor shower. Yow!

Jan 06 2020, 12:00am CST