Halloween Treats That Feed the Mind and Soul. What Can You Do To Make A Difference? - By Rev Pam

I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and every year the kids that stop by my door get a special treat.  I never give out candy (except that year I added the eye-ball gumballs) I always give out toys, pencils, erasers, etc. combined with a little printed out paper I make myself on the computer. The last several years it has been about religious tolerance and gave a 3rd grade viewpoint on historic facts, had a picture to color and a holiday word puzzle. 

But this year when I got my oriental trading catalog It was instantly clear - this year its about skin color. Immigration and a way to touch the little guys who knock on my door and make a lasting impression - and if the parents are of the same mind it would open the door to some honest dialog about race. 

Really for a few bucks that I would spend on candy anyways... I could actually touch somebody and make a difference. 


 and packaged each new little friend in a ziplock back with a printed poem which goes like this... This alien monster is a gift for you to love. They came from a distant land in the stars far above. They are brightly colored and very different from you or I, but do not judge them by how they look and I will tell you why. Just like a book with a battered cover, what’s inside is what counts and for you to discover. Be patient and kind with your new foreign friend… and soon upon them you will depend. Here is a link to my photo of the https://www.pinterest.com/pin/413627547019287270/

Individually we can each make a difference - but together we can change the world... maybe if you do the same this Halloween we can touch a new generastion of loving people.