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Ginger Ackley - Musician! AND featured blogger - look for her new blog coming soon! Read More Here.


I'm a Celtic and Folk Pagan Musician, based in northeast Ohio.  It may look like I play a "traditional" instrument, but I love to play "out of the box"!  You are just as liable to hear a rock tune as a familiar traditional.  If you are really lucky and I have a good guitarist handy, you might even hear a bit of Pink Floyd coming from my penny whistles!  

I currently have 5 albums out and I've published one children's book!  There are several new projects on the table, including a brand new children's book being illustrated by Willo' Wellspring due out this year!  I also have T-shirts with my original Music Lark design.  Everything is available from my website, at my shows and just by messaging me!

You can listen to my music on several of the Pagan radio stations online.  Visit 



 and request my songs as often as you can!

Keep an eye on my schedule and come up to say "HI" if you are at one of my shows!

7828 Peachmont Ave. NW E-1
North Canton, OH 44720