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Friendly Pagans Sponsorship Advertising

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Ad Sponsorship Opportunity 

Friendly Pagans is a free website and we hope you love it, find vendors and have a blast with pagan friends. However, our main goal is to facilitate a community of helpful friendy pagans who can collectively band together to make positive change for the Earth we all share.

In order to facilitate this, it does cost money to run and maintain the site, Plus we use PPC paid advertising, Connections Internet Marketing and have other Internet marketing to help build the site and SEM benefit for all who post here. This is why we offer the opportunity to make a donation to the site HERE and also offer a rotating ad sponsorship advertising opportunity for vendors to purchase an ad that will rotate on all the pages of the site. These ads are priced on the 

Please if you can donate a dollar, we more than appricate your help. If you can purchase a year's sponsirship - that's great too! We will do everything we can to help you grow your business - as we grow ours. 

Pam & Jonathon

119 South Emerson
Friendly Pagans 24/7 Marketing HOTLINE 978-224-1696
Mt Prospect, IL 60056