Everyday is Earth Day

Hi there! Just stopping by to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! 

Since the weather has been very cooperative we've been in celebration mode all week. Today is a great day to bring awareness to our children about why it's so important to take care, protect & help Mother Earth as much as possible. There are many ways that you and your children can celebrate our Earth. These are a few of the ways that we celebrated Mother Earth.  

Nature Walk- We take many nature walks. There is always so much to see but it's so unbelievably special in the Spring. It's amazing to watch everything come to life and being able to experience nature with little ones. We talk about the colors they see, what they hear, any scents, what's moving... This goes on and on. It's funny, we start with a few categories and at the end of our walk we've added so many others. It's so much fun! We get in a lot of tree hugging as well. :-)

Neighborhood clean-up- We all really enjoy this activity. There is nothing more rewarding than actually seeing all of the  litter get picked up and make the neighborhood cleaner. It's sad to see the amounts of litter that gets tossed into bushes, flower beds & ditches :-(

Grounding- We took advantage of the nice weather and did some yoga outdoors with no mats. It gave us a chance to get our bare feet deep down in the grass and connect. Earth at our feet + Sun kissing our faces = Bliss 

Gardening- We bought a few fruit and vegetable seeds from the store and started them up in individual containers to prepare them for the garden. We got our hands in potting soil and soon we'll be transferring them to our garden and really get our hands in the dirt. 

Library- We visited our library to read up on how we can all do our part.  Here are some of the book titles that we really enjoyed 

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr

Earth Day Hooray by Stuart J. Murphy, Renee Andriani, Renee W. Andriani 

Take Care of the Earth Everyday by Tammy Gagne

​Fancy Nancy Everyday is Earth Day by Jane O'Connor 

While everyday is a good day to celebrate our Earth this serves as a friendly reminder to do so. So get out there and do something kind for Mother Earth and at very least get out and enjoy her in all her glory. 
Much love and Blessings, 
Ms Letty 

** I would love to hear how you celebrated Earth Day. I'm always open to new ideas **