Does The Process Justify The Time Spent? (Day/question 3)

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Does The Process justify the time spent?

Hello everyone! 
I’m so sorry I didn’t do this yesterday. So, today you get 2 cards. One for yesterday and one new one for today. 
So, the cars I picked yesterday was The Lovers and it was reversed. Either way, though, it’s another positive omen, particularly for romantic relationships, but for all relationships in my life. This card is associated with the sign of Gemini, the twins. 
The first thing this made me think of is a particular person, but then I had another thought. It’s all about balance. This year for me has been all about breaking up the illusions and seeing what is actually there. My last relationship had a ton of illusions attached to it. Who he was, how “great” our relationship was, and how solid we were. I had no idea the murkiness that was hidden beneath the surface that he allowed to take over his mind and desecrate what made us beautiful. 
So, the rest of this year I have decided to dedicate to finding my balance again after so many months of being pushed down. He started out loving my magical life and he ended up accusing me of harming those around me by believing in things that “weren’t real.” As much as that hurt me, he did have a point. I was hurting myself by staying in a relationship that had been built on a lie, an omission. And also… this card is telling me that at this juncture in my life, I have the support I need to find my way and heal myself. I am blessed to have a best friend who, for the first time in my life, is someone I can trust to keep me safe. She sees who I am and doesn’t expect me to be anyone else, she understands me, supports me, doesn’t judge me… but the most important thing is that she has never made our friendship a competition. So many people (women especially) will use the term “best friend” as something to aspire to, and the friend who does the most things for her gets the top spot. That in itself plays right into our own self hatred of our female “condition.” 
Even in the darkest of times with this man, my best friend never bad mouthed him for the sake of bad mouthing him. She let me figure things out on my own and has been there from beginning to end in the most supportive way a friend could be. She has also reminded me time and time again that there is someone out there for me who will see me and will accept and support me for the goddess that I am and won’t try to stomp out my light because he feels threatened. Until I find that in someone else, I will strive to be that person for myself.