Do My Secret Urges and Needs Express Themselves in Unhealthy Ways?

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January 25th.

Card pulled: Archangel Gabriel.  All throughout my life, I've had this feeling that I was charmed.  Not because my life was perfect, but because even though all this chaos was happening around me, I still managed to peacefully make the decisions I needed to make for myself, regardless if others agreed with me or not.  When I tell people of all my crazy adventures, most of the time I don't think they believe me.  I know that there are things I'm supposed to know and things I'm just not.  I believe that all will be revealed in time, anyway.  So, I think that by allowing myself to see the truth, my urges and needs express themselves in ways that can only be beneficial for everyone involved.  The only thing I really wish is that sometimes I was braver to speak out about what I truly want out of this life.  But I'm lucky enough to pay attention to what the universe is telling me and every step makes me a little bit braver.