Do I have Another To Have Power Over Me?

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January 24th.

Card pulled: Seven deadly sins.  Hmmm... interesting.  This card is all about human nature.  Usually these cards make me think of a person, a song, a different time in my life.  But all I can think of when I look at this card is.. who or what do I allow to have power over me in a negative way?  We all don't want to think that we're not in control of our lives, but deep down we all know that's not true.  Yes, we all have choices, but things are going to happen the way they're supposed to regardless of our meddling.

The one thing I can think of is: relationships.  I have had as many as I've had because on the one hand I did truly have feelings for these people, but also because I had this fear of not knowing, despite all of the roadblocks.  The truth is, nobody has all of the answers, but the 7 deadly sins come into play when people are afraid to face the truth or they're afraid to hurt someone else's feelings above their own.  I've come to the conclusion that it's not selfish to think of what is best for you when making your own decisions.  I am just as responsible for the things that happened in my past relationships as the people I was in them with.  It is never just one person's fault.  The 7 deadly sins aren't something to "conquer."  We are all human.  But they are here to remind us of who we are and to help teach us our lessons so we can all live the lives we're supposed to be living.  It's just to us to read the signs and do what's best for us.