Day 4: Does the process justify the money spent?

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I've started yet another blog.  The Tumblr blog was too confusing for me to share so I thought this would be easier.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Here's my first blog on my new site:

And Molly, here's your card for today: The Hermit (he just kind of fell out as I was shuffling the cards).  You need to develop the true power of a spiritual master through deep introspection.  Be content with being alone or associate only with those on your level.  In having to do with the spread, I tend to associate "money" with anything that can be considered valuable to a person.  This includes spiritual riches, friends, abilities, happiness, etc.  For whatever project you are working on at this time, whether it be a personal project, creative, or something that requires actual money, I would say that you should work on it with only yourself in mind or only with those that understand it.  Not everyone will and you must be prepared for a backlash from those who will insist on passing you by.  You'll come through it a stronger individual as long as you understand that a person's triumphs are an inside job and no one can fulfill you completely besides yourself.  

That's it for now, blessed be everyone!!